Belief – We firmly believe that all schools have a duty to their children to develop their fundamental movement skills, whilst providing a fun and engaging environment and to ensure that every child leaves primary school physically literate.

Aim – Recent studies have proven that a healthy body is a healthy mind and regular physical activity increases concentration, motivation and ultimately academic performance. Allied to this, we aim to educate children on the importance of physical activity and give teachers the knowledge and expertise to deliver engaging lessons so every child has a positive experience of P.E in their school.

Objective – Our principle objective is to give all children a platform in which to realise their sporting potential in a safe and competitive environment, whilst inspiring them to remain active throughout their life. We provide children with the tools that will allow them to not only thrive academically and in sport but also socially, developing their life skills such as communication, listening, problem solving, leadership and decision making.

Hassle Free – ProStars pride themselves on being hassle free. This means that you will consistently have the same coach throughout the year. This is not only important for child development but they will understand the schools policies, procedures and the day to day running of the school to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We’ve never cancelled a session – On the rare occasion your coach is absent we will instantly find a replacement. The replacement coach will be of equal quality, briefed on policies and procedures, class management, how the day is run, know what the children have previously been learning and what they need to learn that lesson.

We are local –We are based in The Dean Academy, Lydney and use local coaches that have been developed through our BTEC and HND programme. We are in daily contact with our team of coaches to ensure that all planning and assessments are done to the highest standard. We are also a very close group of colleges with immense job satisfaction and therefore have a very low turnover of staff, ensuring that you get consistency throughout each year.

Staff qualifications – Not only do all P.E specialists have a degree or are working towards a degree in sports coaching and development, they also hold at least a level 2 coaching qualification in their chosen sport. Alongside this, they have undergone an enhanced DBS check, first aid, safeguard and child protection training.

We won’t be beaten on price – We understand that schools in the local area come in different sizes and budgets can be tight, therefore we can tailor packages that suit each individual school.

Why use ProStars?

Where it has been reported that the general health and ability of children is in decline nationally we have seen a rise in the ability of children our coaches are regularly working with. When schools work with ProStars, they are able to offer a high standard of P.E that fits the curriculum expectations. With this they also receive planning, evaluations and assessments carried out by qualified and experienced P.E specialists. Schools are also able to offer more after school and lunchtime clubs, sport leadership awards, enter and run more tournaments which will benefit your OFSTED inspection and healthy schools award.

Sports Premium P.E

Prices start from: Afternoon Price – £85 (Lunchtime club + 2 lessons + Afterschool club) Morning Price – £70 (2 lessons) Whole Day – £150

Sports Premium Package includes:

Fully Qualified Coach | Lunch time sports club / young leaders training | Session plans, evaluations and assistance with reports | CPD opportunities for our coaches to work alongside your teachers to help improve their current knowledge and ability to deliver high quality and relevant sessions in Physical Education.

At the start of each new term our coaches can discuss with teachers:

Their current knowledge of the sport | Go through the term plan and how the lessons will progress. | Explain the stages of planning for a session. | Explain efficient ways of setting up for a session. | Go through the teaching points of the skill before each session. | Go through common errors in children’s techniques to know what to look for and how to correct. | Different types of sessions – Games for understanding, whole-part-whole or practice makes perfect activities.  | How to assess children in each sport. | Meet at the end of a block of sessions and discuss what was learnt during that topic and why the sessions progressed in that order.

Baseline assessments – Please enquire for price list

As an additional service, we offer baseline assessments, where every child gets their own ‘component of fitness portfolio’. Here, schools can track individual progress, see class averages and identify areas of improvement which can be used to tailor year and one to one intervention.

Extra-curricular activities – £35 per hour

Extra-curricular activities are a great way to boost opportunities for pupils and increase their participation to support an active lifestyle. We help schools offer a variety of activities that target all age groups and interests of children from archery and trigolf to team sports, gymnastics and multi-sports.

Competition preparation is very popular with our schools. We encourage as many competitions and tournaments as possible, but we understand the efforts needed to make them happen, therefore we are happy to take control with the preparations, trials, training and the admin side leading up to the competition as well as coaching the team on the day. We fully support giving every child the opportunity to represent their school at some point during their time but we also want every pupil to have the best experience whilst doing so and being fully prepared before coming into the competition.

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