PPA Cover

We provide high-quality, experienced P.E. specialists who will raise the standard of sports provision and ability within your school.

Hassle-free | Guaranteed cover that offers equally high standards of class management skills and lesson delivery | Assessment and report writing | Session plans and evaluations | Sports day assistance | Full afternoons | 30-minute lunchtime club | 2 lessons and after-school club for up to 16 children.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Our coaches are always more than happy to deliver whatever sports you request. Whether that be multi-sports for infants or rounders for Year 6, we strive to make sure all of our sessions are enjoyable, engaging, and beneficial for everyone involved.

We can provide sessions for football, rugby, tennis, athletics, hockey, volleyball, netball, cricket, and even the more unconventional, such as archery, TriGolf, and Ultimate Frisbee! Whatever the sport, your pupils will benefit greatly from the sessions delivered by our highly qualified coaches.

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